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Fingerprint Recognition

The fingerprint recognition technology is designed to be easily used by users and thoroughly maintain security.

Fingerprint Recognition

EPIC Security’s fingerprint door lock recognizes the finger print by user’s finger print scanning on the detector.

Advantages of EPIC Security’s Fingerprint Scanner

1. It remains no trace of fingerprints, and prevents the trace of your fingerprints from forgery and falsification.
2. It is much smaller than other types of sensors, and allows to create a thinner and more elegant digital door lock.
3. It recognizes your fingerprints faster and better, and allows you to use it conveniently.
4. The auto cover usually protects the fingerprint detector, and allows you to safely manage the detector.
    When you want to scan your fingerprint, just touch sensor and the cover will be opend automatically.

The smart card (RFID Card) door lock allows you to easily open the door with one touch like using a transportation card.
It can recognizes your key card from other cards in your wallet, and allow you to open the door without finding it from your wallet.

The smart card includes an IC chip and protects the information more confidentially and safely. It is as safe as your credit cards.
EPIC Security applies the smart card technology to the digital door lock for convenience of users.

EPIC Security’s smart card is highly resistant to surroundings including high temperature and magnetics, and accepts a hacking prevention program to strongly protect your data from forgery and falsification.

It randomly displays additional numbers to remain no trace of fingerprints on buttons and prevent the password theft.
After the password is entered, it displays random numbers such as 1-2-3, 4-5-6, or 7-8-9 and remains no trace of fingerprints.

The door is unlocked even by entering the combination of random numbers and password, and no trace of fingerprints is left on the touch screen.
You can feel the priority of EPIC Security’s business philosophy: the safety and convenience of customers.

Method 1 Method 2
Touch the Numeric Keypad Touch the Numeric Keypad
Random Numbers Enter Your Password
Enter Your Password Random Numbers
Enter the [*] Button Enter the [*] Button

High Temperature Alarm

The temperature sensor on the inner body of door lock sounds alarm when detecting an abnormal increase of internal temperature.

It sounds very loud alarm (over 80 decibel) when detecting the internal temperature reaches at 62℃±5℃ and regarding there is a fire. It also automatically unlocks the door for the safety of users.

Fire Prevention Test of EPIC Security
Fire Prevention Test We test that the door is opened when the product detect 270℃ of heat to prevent a malfunction.

Intrusion Alarm

It sounds alarm when detecting that the door is forced to be opened. It sounds very loud alarm (over 80 decibel) when detecting the door is unlocked by an attempt to open the locked door through gaps or other abnormal methods.

Prank Prevention Alarm

It sounds very loud alarm (over 80 decibel) and stops operating for a minute when unregistered passwords or semiconductor keys are repeatedly entered 5 times straight.

The Glass Door Lock Sync Auto has very convenient function.
You do not need to worry about whether the door is left-handed or right-handed. The door lock automatically recognizes the orientation of door and adjusts the location of text messages by the orientation of door after your installation. Also, the text message recognition by microcontroller is automatically changed, and it is not necessary to separate and re-install the outer part or arrange the flat wires. You can very easily and conveniently install or convert the product which needs no procedure to change something.

See Sync Auto Glass Door Lock

The Glass Door Lock Sync Auto has very special function.
The chime sound informs people inside shops or business establishments that there is a visitor. When this lock recognize that the door is open, it sounds certain melody.

The door opening generates the chime sound by installing the sensor in the inner part of digital door lock on a glass door and the magnet on the location of latch assembly.

With the product, there is no financial burden to install a separate visitor alert machine or complex installation of additional devices. Now, you can enjoy this chime sound function with easy installation and neat looking glass door only by adding some simple components.