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EPIC Security produces a strong metallic door lock to provide you a digital door lock which can protect you safe.
We made the body of door lock with aluminum, a very strong material and resistant to fire, 700°C of heat, and impact, to provide you a safe product.

Body Durability Test of EPIC Security
Drop Test We test the product to prevent the drop damage during moving.
Durability Test We apply bearing balls to the durability test to keep the product operating after being damaged by impact from outside.

Multiple painting and plating produce the best color and durability.

Painting and Plating Test of EPIC Security
Alcohol Rubbing Test The product is tested after being coated with the chemically resistant paint to prevent damages by rubbing with fingers.
Adhesion Test The durability of coating is tested in compliance with international standards.
UV Test We test whether the product is discolored or not by being exposed to UV.
Pencil Hardness Test We test the hardness of component surfaces frequently touched by hands.

EPIC Security sticks to the basics and thoroughly examines even a very small component not to permit any smallest errors.

Component Durability Test of EPIC Security
Component Durability Test
[Vertical, Tensile Load Test]
We test the durability of moving components and increase it 20% more than the KS standard.
[Latch Bolt, Strike, Thumb Turn, Cover, Handle]
Life Span Test - 120,000 times of handle movement to check durability
- 100,000 times of cover movement check to confirm the testreliability
- Open/close test for 120,000 times of switching test
- 120,000 times of latch fatigue bolt test
Impact Test We give an big impact which can be possibly generated in real life, and test whether the product can operate or not even after the impact.

All products of EPIC Security are safe from a high voltage electric shock.
All products were tested with 30KV of voltage and 10HZ of frequency and verified that there was nothing wrong with door opening and operation.

Current Tests of EPIC Security
Battery Usage It manages the battery usage and guarantees that the battery can be used at least for 10 months.
Static Resistance Test We test that the static makes battery being consumed faster or operate abnormally.
Electric Shock Test We test that the door is still locked and the product operate normally even after 30KV of electric shock.

EPIC Security considers various climate phenomena such as dew condensation and high temperature and humidity from various environmental conditions including monsoon, hot summer, and cold winter for the installation of products, establishes environmental test standards, and tries its best to provide high quality products.

Environmental Condition : -30℃ ~ 55℃ [Humidity 95%]

Environmental Durability Test of EPIC Security
Salt Water Spray Test We consider the sea breeze and test that there is no corrosion on the surface of product after it is exposed to salt water.
High Temperature
and Humidity Test
We test the product to be able to normally operate even in very high temperature and humidity for a long time.
Low Temperature
Storage Test
We test the product to be able to normally operate even in very low temperature for a long time.
Dew Condensation Test we test the product under circumstances very similar with real-world environment, and confirm that there is no operational problems due to the dew condensation created by temperature gap between indoor and outdoor in winter.